Yoga for Mental Health – Group Program

Yoga for Mental

This unique evidence-based six week course is underpinned by relational yoga psychotherapy which integrates eastern yoga philosophy, psychology and practices with evidence based western psychology and psychotherapeutic approaches. This course explains how to improve your health using breath, movement and mindfulness practices. Learn how to use yoga practices to better ‘mind your mind’ in daily life.

Group sessions help each participant to increase their understanding of their own helpful and unhelpful patterns and how these have developed. From here yoga practices are introduced and experienced in session in order to identify how these may support the development of healthy patterns that improve quality of life. The group aspect also provides a supportive environment where we engage in self enquiry, reflection and learning in order to enhance our ability to integrate these practices day to day.

Max 10 participants.
No prior Yoga experience is required. Yoga sessions are focused on breath and integrating psychological practices and therefore physical poses are gentle and accessible for all.

Aims of the course:

  • To develop a foundational understanding of yoga psychology and how traditional yoga practices of breath, movement and mindfulness can improve your mental health
  • Explore how these practices (breath, movement and yogic mindfulness) can be tailored to your individual needs
  • Reflect, understand and experience how engaging in these health practices and patterns can improve your mental health

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