Relational Psychotherapy Sessions

  • Do you feel your not clear about where you are heading in life?
  • Do you find yourself repeating old patterns despite your best efforts in moving forward?
  • Do you need to get clear about what is important to you and what isn’t working in your life?
  • Are you coping with work stress, family stress or general stress?
  • Are you suffering with anxiety, depression or experienced trauma?
  • Are you struggling with your mental health?
  • Are you struggling with change – of a job, in health, living situation, or relationship status?
  • Are you working through the loss of a loved one or a relationship?

Relationa Psychotherapy can help with this and much more. Anyone can benefit from a therapy session. Relational Psychotherapy is used to support individuals to engage with their life stories and identify how their experiences have impacted them and their relationship to themselves and to others. This provides understanding into why we engage in unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thinking as at one stage they were helpful to us. Psychotherapy approaches provide us with this deep understanding and insight into how and why these occur and when we find these answers this can create room for change.

Therapy provides a non-blaming, compassionate and realistically hopeful approach, in which the client learns the tools for creating change whilst reflecting on it in therapy and taking it with them when they leave. The time limit can be flexible but it is generally agreed upon from the beginning so as to keep both the therapist and client busy and goal directed.

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