Relational Formulation for Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers often describe the difficulty that they experience when trying to “hold” space for their students. Students often disclose mental health difficulties to those they trust and this can occur at the end of a class. Yoga teachers are then expected to provide some support within their scope of practice and this can evoke distress and worry

Key to engaging as a helping professional is the importance of understanding the contribution that you may be able to make. Working one on one with a Cognitive Analytical Therapist you will engage in a talking process (personal reformulation) to develop a diagram (sequential diagrammatic reformulation) that provides you with insight and information into your own relational patterns for the purpose of professional development. This process and the resulting diagram provides insights and understanding into how your patterns influence your helping style and will provide you with a base to reflect on current therapeutic relationships and your ongoing professional development needs to enhance your ability to hold therapeutic relationships effectively.

A follow up session can then be accessed once you have returned to your workplace to review your relational patterns and consider how this translates to your day-to-day professional practices in order to establish your own professional development plan. All sessions can be either face to face or online.

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