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Relational Formulation for Helping Professionals

When we think about the general rates of mental health issues within the community; that is that 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue during our lifetime, it is inevitable that...

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The First Fundamental Yoga Practice – A Breath Enquiry 

From our first breath in the world as a little baby, breath is fundamental to our existence. Similarly our last breath out is also a milestone of life, this time as a marker of it...

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Embodied Social Change

The Science of Yoga and Social Change; Is Yoga linked to Social Change: the science says yes!  Can we use the teachings of yoga to improve our culture, our society, the way we interact with each...

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Reflections On The International Cognitive Analytical Therapy (ICATA) Conference

Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing the integrated approach from Yoga for Mental Health at the International Cognitive Analytical Therapy (ICATA) conference (Ferrara, Italy, June, 2019) The presentation entitled “Relational awareness through somatic experiencing”...

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Ways to Engage Breath to Manage your Stress

Our nervous system (autonomic nervous system) has two modes: the “flight or fight” response (when we are anxious, fearful, angry, or a bit stressed - sympathetic nervous system), and the “rest and digest” mode (when...

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