About Me


Jennifer O’Brien

Occupational Therapist
Cognitive Analytical Therapist
Creative and Experiential Art Therapist

“Nothing makes my heart sing more than witnessing the strength, courage and light that human’s possess. I believe this our inherent nature, and who we really are. Therapeutic relationships need to be built on trust, compassion, respect and hope in order to allow space for change and transformation”

Jennifer is an experienced mental health clinician that has completed training within a wide and varied array of therapies. She has worked as a mental health Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and brings additional qualifications such as Cognitive Analytical Therapy and Creative and Experiential Art therapy. Jennifer’s experience working with a broad range of populations has seen her develop strong clinical skills in working with high prevalence disorders such as depression, anxiety and other trauma related disorders.

She utilises creative approaches to therapy by integrating yoga practices, movement, music, art and other creative modalities alongside traditional talk therapy in order to allow individuals to explore and engage with their emotions in a way that works for them.

She is currently undertaking Yoga teacher training and integrates somatic yoga practices within her psychotherapy practice to support individuals to manage trauma experiences and their mental health. Yoga provides an explanatory framework along with distinct tools that can help people to manage their mental health. These are integrated together with Cognitive Analytical Therapy to provide opportunities to understand and improve your mental health. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for neurocognitive processing (top-down) so we can identify and understand how cognitive, behavioural and psychological patterns developed. Yoga practices provide an opportunity for neurophysiological processing (bottom-up) so we can develop new helpful patterns through breath, movement and mindfulness experiences. Ultimately integrating both approaches can provide opportunity for understanding “why” we are the way we are and “how” we can shift to positions of equanimity, mindfulness and mind-body connection.

Currently Jennifer holds an academic position at Australian Catholic University where she teaches counselling and mental health and is involved in research focusing on integrating yoga within mainstream healthcare.

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    Integrating relational psychotherapy and yoga for improved mental health